Have Your Cake, and Reach Your Fitness Goals Too!

fitness health wellness Jun 07, 2021

We all want sustainable results when it comes to our health and fitness, and the way to get there may not be what you think...

Often times we believe eat less and workout more is the answer, but in today's podcast episode, I challenge that theory, and tell you why it's backwards.

We talk about:

1) Why restriction isn't the answer, so eat the dang cake!

2) How to eat in a way that FUELS you, and keeps you away from cravings. 

3) Why this method will set you free mentally, so that you can enjoy your fitness journey, instead of dread it. 

4) Find freedom in food, and learn to take control of your nutrition. 

Food is fuel, and it is a key component of getting the results you're looking for!

So let's dive in! 

Listen here:

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