How To Have a Healthy Relationship with Food and Fitness

fitness health selfcare wellness Jun 15, 2021

Let's face it, today's world doesn't make it easy to have a good relationship with food and fitness.

There are so many messages coming at us on a daily basis about how we should approach health and how we should look.

Sometimes it can cause us to dread taking care of ourselves because it feels like a standard we need to meet. 

As much as this is a reality, we can still equip ourselves to feel good about how we nourish our bodies, and actually ENJOY movement and what our body can do! 

We can THRIVE in our health, so that we can live each day with ENERGY to do the things we need to do! 

Let's dive deeper into this topic in my podcast episode, where we will talk about

1. Where these negative thoughts can come from, and how to overcome them.

2. How to have victory, and learn to enjoy food and fitness!

3. Where to put your focus so that you feel CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED to take care of yourself!

You can take a listen here:


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