Pregnancy: How I'm Preparing for Labour/Birth!

birth health labour motherhood postpartum pregnancy May 03, 2022

Hey there, momma!

I'm excited to chat with you today about the ways that I am preparing myself to have my second baby in July of 2022! 

Now bear in mind, I certainly DO NOT consider myself an expert by any means when it comes to pregnancy, birth or postpartum, so please consider everything in this post a means of sharing and not prescribing. Be sure to contact your care provider before implementing anything that you are unsure about!

That being said, I can confidently say I am feeling much more confident and knowledgable this time around, and my hope/belief is that it will result in a positive birth experience, which will also translate into a positive postpartum experience (not perfect, I know there is no such thing...but my first experience with both was quite difficult, and I believe it was because I had fear  instead of confidence). 

Due to my location (I live on a farm outside of a small town), I will be doing a hospital birth, but I have to say, if I had the resources available, I would probably do a home birth this go around. 

Nonetheless, all of the things I am listing in this post can help any momma, no matter where or how you are hoping to give birth! 💙

**If you want to listen to the podcast episode I did on this topic, click HERE!**


Built To Birth

Bridget Teyler's online birthing/postpartum course has completely transformed my view on labour & delivery. I honestly cannot recommend this program enough! It is a DIY course that you can go through on your own time at whatever pace you like, and includes so much bonus content that you can utilize to formulate your dream birth. 

I realize that labour/birth is not something that is predictable, but it is something that you can education yourself on so that you are prepared for ANYTHING that comes your way. 

Body Prep:

  • Nutrition:

- Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (listen to the podcast episode to find out why it RRLT is so great!!)

+ Drinking 1 cup/day starting at 28 weeks

2-3 cups/day at 35 weeks and beyond 

- Eating 2-3 large dates or 5-6 small dates per day

+ Helps soften the cervix for dilation, increases sensitivity of the uterus, and reduces postpartum hemorrhage 

+  Start at 35 weeks

  • Exercise/Movement:

- Stretches 

+ Use of the birth ball, stretches recommended in BTB program to help baby get into position

- Walking 

+ 30 mins/day leisure walking on treadmill or outside

- Strength training

+ 3-5 sessions per week; mostly low-moderate intensity

  • Mindset:

- Built to Birth Online Course

- Meditations for pregnancy/birth

- YouTube videos on positive birth stories/experiences 

- Prayer & Devotionals

  • Pelvic floor

- Perineal massage as guided by BTB course (I tore my first pregnancy so this will help the scar tissue become less stiff and hopefully prevent a second time tear).

Misc: (not mentioned in podcast)

This time, I plan to be more prepared for postpartum. I am planning on getting the following ready ahead of time: 

  • Meal prep/Freezer meals
  • Padsicles (YouTube will help you with directions for this)
  • All supplies I will need for "down there"
  • Collagen supplement to help with recovery (planning on using this one)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to help the uterus with contracting back to it's original size

I hope this blog post helps you, and at the very least, gives you a starting point! 

Please don't hesistate to reach out with questions! Contact me on Instagram @jess.kohlman in my DM's, or email me at [email protected]! 

I'm cheering you on, momma! 💙

XO Jess

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